Preparing for Your Visit

We are so happy to welcome you to our family-owned, boutique winery/vineyard tucked away in the hills of Carroll County. We have updated our policies to ensure the continued safety and enjoyment of ALL our guests!

No reservations needed: first come first served and we do our best to accommodate

Group size: Groups up to, but no more than 8 are permitted (as this has always been our policy for our small vineyard). For larger groups, please contact us for an after-hours event rental.

Indoor & Outdoor Accommodations: The majority of our seating is outdoors which includes a:

- large lawn area overlooking the vineyard with tables, chairs & umbrellas.
(We respectfully ask that you do not move these items).

- large tent covering our picnic area with ample seating
- covered patio that can seat a few groups of guests
- Inside capacity can accommodate 25 guests total (with 7 tables)

Wine offerings:
- wine flights (select 5 wines to sample and we bring them to your table)

- wine by the glass and/or bottle.

Note: Last call for wine to be consumed on premises is .5 hour before closing.

Other important tidbits/policies:
- As a reminder, by MD law, no other alcohol is allowed on the grounds.

- Bringing your own picnic or snacks are welcomed and we ask that they stay on the table on which you are occupying

- No private parties allowed during business hours so we respectfully ask that you not bring party decorations, balloons, etc. Please inquire if you’d like information on a private event rental.

- Walking between the vines is not allowed due to bumpy terrain, fragile vines, etc. You may walk the perimeter of the lower vineyard only.

- No balls, Frisbee’s etc. are allowed on the grounds to ensure the peaceful enjoyment for all and to protect the vines. Quiet games at your table are fine

- Dogs are welcome on the grounds.

- We are a family operation and children are allowed provided they are under your care/supervision at all times.

- Due to an overall surge for outdoor activities, we MAY need to limit the number of visitors on the grounds due to limited parking and restroom availability. Entry to property not guaranteed.

- We ask that guests vacate the property promptly at closing time.

By entering the property you are agreeing to these policies. We thank you in advance for your support!