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Dear Serpent Ridge Guests,

We are thrilled to be slowly and safely able to serve you during the phased re-opening of Serpent Ridge Vineyard in response to Covid-19 precautions. The following is information you should know prior to your visit. We are open for outdoor seating during our regularly established business hours (Sat/Sun 10:30 am–6pm; Wed-Fri Noon-5pm) while following these protocols and guidance.



What to Expect at Your Visit to Serpent Ridge Vineyard

· Groups up to, but no more than 6 are permitted (Note: Our current seating better accommodates groups of 2 or 4).

· Physical distancing guidelines must be followed, includes 6’ social distance.

· Masks, or face coverings, must be worn by staff and guests while being served, or entering the tasting room for service or restroom use, or moving around the grounds.

· When you arrive at the winery, you have the option of entering the tasting room to purchase wine by the following methods to consume outdoors:

1) wine by the bottle

2) wine by a disposable glass (for wine or frozen wine slush) and

3) wine as a 5 wine flight sample at your table.

· On weekends, you may also purchase wine by the disposable glass or bottle at our new outside bar in front of the production room. Outside bar will be credit card sales only; inside bar can accept cash

· All other retail purchases (olive oil, gifts, packaged goods, etc. need to be purchased inside).

· We have designated “ENTER” and “EXIT” doors marked to help with social distancing.

· Hand sanitizer is available outside of the tasting room, at the outside bar and inside the tasting room.

· The tasting room restroom will be available; however, no inside lines can form in order to adhere to social distancing – please wait at the outside door until the previous guest exits the restroom.

· Plastic ware and plates will be provided for packaged goods such as cheese and sausage. Plastic wine cups are provided; however, you may purchase a souvenir wine glass to take home (or you may bring your own).

· Additional chairs & tables have been provided on the grounds to adhere to social distancing (please do not move any furniture; ask either Hal or Karen (owners) if you need assistance)

· As a reminder, by law, no other alcohol (besides your Serpent Ridge Vineyard) wine purchase is allowed. Bringing your own picnic or snacks are fine

· You may bring your own blanket/lawn chairs as long as they are placed at least 6 ft away from other guests\

· Due to social distancing, children and pets are not encouraged, however, should you elect to bring them, they must stay within your defined space

· Reminder: Our vines are very fragile at this time so no walking thru the vines is allowed

· In the case of inclement weather, most guests will need to return to their cars. Because of our small size, very limited indoor seating will be provided on first come/first serve basis. The maximum number of people permitted inside the tasting room at any given time is 16 (or 10 depending on pre-allocated seating of groups) which is set up for 6 ft social distancing between groups.

· We may need to limit the number of visitors on the grounds – entry to property not guaranteed.

• Customers may only be served for on premise consumption in outdoor spaces.

• Physical distancing guidelines must be followed, includes 6’ social distance.

• No more than six patrons may be seated together (from the same household).
Note: Our current seating better accommodates groups of 2 or 4.

• Sanitation procedures will be followed for seating and surfaces.

• Businesses must conduct temperature screening of staff prior to each shift.

• Masks, or face coverings, must be worn by staff (and guests) while interacting with each other.

Our Sanitation Protocols to Keep Everyone Safe

• Daily employee wellness screenings are conducted.

• Masks are required by staff and guests except while seated outside (please bring your own mask).

• Hand sanitizer will be used upon entering the tasting room.

• Staff will spray & wipe tables with sanitizer after each use to be ready for next guests

• Our bathroom will be cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals.

• Social distancing of 6 feet is required between each group of individuals who have quarantined together (tables are not to be moved by guests)

• Staff is required to wash hands several times an hour and use hand sanitizer between guests.

• We are using a contactless chip reader for payment and will not be signing the iPad to limit touch exposure; cash handling is only inside the tasting room

• Only disposable serving glasses & paper goods are allowed at this time.

• All surfaces in the tasting room as well as the outside tables and chairs will be wiped down with a sanitizing spray

• Please be respectful of others and if you have a fever or other Covid-19 symptoms or exposure within the past two weeks, please do not visit at this time.

We ask for your patience and understanding during this time. Our goal is to continue to provide excellent customer service and experience while ensuring everyone’s well-being and enjoyment!

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